Jack Thompson’s trial is expected to wrap up later today, but the controversial attorney isn’t going quietly, filing a new motion to dismiss the case this morning after his previous effort was denied.

GamePolitics is reporting that Thompson’s trial, in which the Florida Bar is attempting to have him disbarred, is expected to end today. However, as a result of the lengthy proceedings, doubtlessly helped along by Thompson’s many motions and court filings, Judge Dava Tunis said her ruling in the matter will likely not come until spring of 2008.

Meanwhile, Thompson filed a new motion to vacate the case against him after his last attempt to do so was turned down by Federal District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan. In that motion, Thompson claimed the Florida Bar changed its rules to allow for his prosecution, and concluded by saying, “Judge Jordan, with all respect, you cannot be serious about your oath as a federal judge and allow, now, this patent and proven fraud by which The Bar secured its abstention order to stand. This court must now vacate that order. The Florida Supreme Court has proven its ‘official arm,’ The Bar, to be a liar. Ms. Sheila Tuma and Mr. Barry Richard knowingly raised that official arm, with a middle finger extended, to flip off this court, Thompson, and the Florida Supreme Court itself.”

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