Jackie Chan Asked to be in the Expendables 4

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Jackie Chan approached to be in the next Expendables movie, after refusing the offer for Expendables 2 and 3.

Sylvester Stallone really wants Jackie Chan in one of his Expendables movie, and Jackie Chan is considering the offer, with certain stipulations.

Talking to Den of Geek, film star Jackie Chan mentioned that Stallone has asked him to be in the next Expendables movie, Expendables 4, but that this isn’t the first time he’s been approached by him. “Sly wants me for Expendables 4,” he starts, “I said, ‘okay.’ Because they already asked me to be in two and three, but I refused. Well, I didn’t refuse, but I said, ‘Sly, can’t we just do you and me? Not just a bunch of people…'”

He further elaborated his reasoning, “So if I’m in Expendables 4, I want it to be me and him… Then it might be interesting. Otherwise you just come out for five minutes.” This sentiment seems to be in relation to cameos other known action stars have had in the sequels, namely Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris who had little screen time in the movies.

Jackie Chan is also in talks to be in Rush Hour 4 and Drunken Master 3.

Given recent news that Expendables 3 was a box office flop on its opening week, becoming the lowest box-office of its franchise, Chan may pass again on the offer.

Source: Variety

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