Jail Time for Driver in Brian R. Wood Collision


Two women who were involved in an automobile wreck that killed Company of Heroes designer Brian R. Wood have been sentenced to prison.

In September 2010 we reported the tragic news that Brian R. Wood, a designer at Company of Heroes studio Relic Entertainment, had been killed after his SUV collided head-on with a vehicle being driven by 21-year-old Jordyn Weichert. Weichert’s vehicle went out of control and crossed into Wood’s lane when she attempted to remove her sweater while passenger Samantha Bowling held the wheel; two other passengers in that vehicle were also killed but Wood’s pregnant wife and their unborn child survived. Police said Weichert was believed to have been under the influence of drugs.

A jury convicted Weichert of multiple felony charges last month and on Friday she was sentenced to eight years in prison, roughly six months short of the maximum allowed by Washington state sentencing guidelines. The passenger, Bowling, had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular homicide and, in an unrelated matter, to one count of possession of heroin with intent to distribute, and agreed to testify at Weichert’s trial. As part of her plea, she agreed to accept a sentence “above the standard range” and was given five years.

Wood’s wife, Erin, who has since given birth to their daughter, spoke at the sentencing hearing. “The first thought when I wake up in the morning is, ‘he’s gone’,” she told the judge, “and the last thought before I fall asleep is the same.”

Source: HeraldNet

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