Cardboard is a wonderful substance, and you can make many, many things with it – just look at Japan, where they’re building four 1/6th scale models of the iconic mecha from the famous Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.

Truly, cardboard is a miracle substance. In the hands of the right artiste, it can be transformed into, say, the complete armory of Halo‘s Master Chief. Or, you could just make little smiling robots out of the stuff and set them loose in New York City to see what happens.

Or you could be like the Japanese and make cardboard mecha. Starting April 18th, Fukuoka Science Museum in Fukuoka Prefecture will be showcasing a quartet of giant robots from the long-running Gundam franchise as part of their “Cardboard Dream Park” exhibit. The four mecha will stand at three and a half meters (or about eleven and a third feet). Sure, it’s not exactly the life-size version that Japan will be building in July to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary, but then again, that one isn’t made out of cardboard. Also, there are four of them.

It’s hard to tell from the small picture of the unfinished versions, but it’s a sure bet that one of the cardboard models will be the classic RX-78-2. That’s kind of boring, guys – let’s get some other models represented? Why not the Nu Gundam, or the Zeta? Heck, why not show Zeon some love with a Char Custom Zaku or Kampfer? Or branch out from UC – what about the Freedom … OK, maybe the wings on the Freedom would be kind of rough. I guess they could always surprise everyone and go with a cardboard ∀ Gundam (designed by Syd Mead of Tron and Blade Runner fame).

Either way, it’s not hard to see what those crazy Japanese are really up to, what with this recent frenzy of Gundam-building. Celebrating the anniversary my ass – obviously this has something to do with those mass-produced exoskeletons. After all, what better way to conceal construction of your giant robot army … than hiding it in plain sight?! I’m on to you, Japan. I’m on to you.

I for one, welcome our new angst-ridden prettyboy teenage mecha pilot overlords.

(Asahi, via Kotaku)

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