Japanese 3DS Sales Top 5 million


The 3DS has hit the 5 million units sold mark in Japan, setting a record in the process.

Data from Media Create indicates 3DS sales reached the milestone last week, meaning It took a grand total of only 52 weeks to reach 5 million sold. For comparison, it took 58 and 56 weeks for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS to do the same, making the 3DS the fastest gaming system to reach that milestone in Japanese history.

While the 3DS isn’t selling quite as fast as Nintendo expected it to, it’s nice to see the eye-scorching, clamshell handheld pick up steam, especially given the system’s weak launch. Critics pinned the 3DS’ poor initial performance on its limited library of games, lack of accompanying services and high price, all of which Nintendo has systematically addressed over the past year. The $80 price drop, as well as a timely injection of vitamin Mario in the form of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, seems to have done the trick. The recent Resident Evil: Revelations can’t have hurt either.

Source: Nintendo

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