John McAfee’s Death Disappoints John McAfee


Anti-virus software pioneer and former fugitive John McAfee is saddened by reports of his death and says he felt fine when he went to bed last night.

Indymedia Ireland reported early this morning that John McAfee, the groundbreaking software engineer who in more recent years has become infamous for his hard-living ways and possible connection to a murder in Belize, has passed away.

McAfee was pronounced dead at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, where he was discovered by security personnel in a semi-conscious state following what authorities believe was a “cocaine and alcohol-fueled binge,” according to the report. He slipped into unconsciousness shortly after and could not be revived.

The news of John McAfee’s death came as both a surprise and a disappointment to John McAfee, who took to Twitter to express his sorrow and regret. “I felt fine when I went to bed last night. I had such great plans,” he wrote. “RIP John McAfee.”

It’s not known what prompted the original story of McAfee’s demise, but it’s definitely a sad end to the sad end of a man who deserves a better ending – although he’ll probably end up ending up very much like the story describes, even if he’s not quite there yet.


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