John Romero-led MMO Company Named


Last week, a new MMO firm – headed by the Master of Doom himself – was named. Slipgate Ironworks’ website goes public with four new jobs posts.

News surfaced in September that Romero had stared his own company in the Bay Area. By the end of January, Romero confirmed that he was working on an MMO. But details about the game and the company remained sparse.

Now the News Room can reveal some information about the company itself. The name, Romero says, popped into his head when filing for an assumed name certificate online.

“We went to the page,” Romero recalls, “And the question was asked ‘What should we call it?’ and I said ‘Geez, it doesn’t really matter…how about Slipgate Ironworks? That sounds crazy enough.'”

“The name isn’t permanent,” Romero continues, “Because it’s not true to what we’re doing here. We’ll officially name the company during the next year.”

And the logo, he says, “is supposed to depict sweatshop workers slaving away in an ironworks factory fabricating slipgates.”

Romero adds, “Our offices are nothing like that, though. We have a couple small offices that we’ve squeezed 16 people into, with a bunch of our concept art all over the walls.” Slipgate Ironworks is scheduled to move into a proper building in the next few months.

Website and logo, found here.

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