Joss Whedon’s Offbeat Romance In Your Eyes Out On Vimeo Now


See the first few minutes here, and if you want more, the price is reasonable.

Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival and, as the credits roll, up steps the man himself in an end-of-credits clip to make an announcement. “It’s a very exciting night for us,” says he, “Because it’s not just the premier of the film, it is the world wide release date!” Seconds later, up it pops on Vimeo for all of us to enjoy, at $5 a shot for a 72 hour rental.

So what is In Your Eyes? Well, see that kid there, the one with the A- test score? He and the girl on the sled are linked, and it’s not going to matter that he grows up to be an ex-con in New Mexico, or she a repressed New England housewife. They’re always going to see things through each other’s eyes. Eventually they work out what’s going on, but if you want to know what happens when they do, a $5 rental will solve that problem.

Zoe Kazan plays grown-up Rebecca, and Michael Stahl-David is her counterpart Dylan. “This is exciting for us because we get to explore a new medium of distribution,” deadpans Whedon, “And we get $5.” Want to know how to get in on this? Head over to the official website.

Source: Joss Whedon In Your Eyes

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