Journey of a Roach: The Adventures of Post-Apocalyptic Bugs


Journey of a Roach will follow the adventures of two of the world’s most hard-to-kill creatures as they venture from a deserted bomb shelter to the surface of a post-apocalyptic Earth.

No matter who wins, we lose – unless “we” happen to be cockroaches, nature’s ultimate survivor and the creature voted “Most Likely To Come Out On Top When The Bombs Fall.” That’s the idea behind Journey of a Roach, the new adventure from Koboldgames and German adventuremeisters Daedalic Entertainment that follows the exciting exploits of a roach named Jim and his sidekick Bud as they struggle to escape an abandoned underground vault and make it to the surface of post-war Earth.

Journey of a Roach sounds like a fairly conventional point-and-click game, with the unusual exception that, since cockroaches can’t write or speak, there will be no written or spoken language in the game, forcing the insects to instead rely on sign language to communicate. The upside to being a bug is that you can crawl along walls and ceilings, and it’s a fair bet that you’ll have to do just that to overcome at least some of the game’s challenges.

The cockroach angle brings to mind memories of Bad Mojo but the gameplay, based on an admittedly-thin couple of paragraphs in a press release, sounds like it will be more akin to that of Botanicula. Either way, as a Daedalic-published game, it’s probably something adventure fans will want to keep an eye on. Journey of a Roach is currently slated to come out in November for the PC and Mac.

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