February 2023 State of Play: Journey to Foundation is a video game based on Isaac Asimov Foundation books, coming to PSVR 2 & PC VR.

Journey to Foundation is a video game based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series, and as announced during the February 2023 State of Play, it’s coming to PlayStation 5 via PSVR 2 as well as Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4 in fall 2023. Little about the game’s story was revealed in its debut trailer, but so far, it does look to be yet another fascinating entry in the PSVR 2 lineup. It’s in development by Archiact, a team of developers best known for titles like Doom 3: VR Edition and Evasion.

Journey to Foundation is a major milestone for us,” studio head Kurt Busch said in a statement. “It’s the culmination of all our experience innovating VR gameplay elements, from locomotion to conversation to UI to combat. It’s built by a veteran team with a passion for VR-first game development. It’s an epic game, inspired by an iconic IP.”

You can see the Journey to Foundation gameplay and how it will bring Foundation to new audiences below.

Archiact describes Journey to Foundation as an immersive sci-fi RPG experience where your choices matter. Players will influence the emotions of others as they communicate and shoot their way through a VR world that previously only existed in literature and TV. Though the footage shared little about its story, you can read more in a short summary below:

In Journey to Foundation, players embark on a clandestine mission as Agent Ward, a spy sent to the edge of the Galactic Empire to infiltrate a group of deserters… only to uncover a dire truth that could change the course of history. Armed with the best tools and weapons the Empire has to offer, you’ll have to decide who to trust. Will you fight for an Empire that Hari Seldon has predicted will collapse into 30,000 years of anarchy, or will you defect to the Foundation and help them build a new cradle for humanity?

Stay tuned for updates as Archiact gets closer to pinning down a Journey to Foundation release date.

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