JoWood Productions has announced Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods, an add-on to the award-winning 2006 fantasy RPG Gothic 3, and they’re seeking input from fans on its development.

Promising to answer many questions from the original game as well as provide a seamless step to Gothic 4, Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods will once again put players in the role of the anonymous hero who takes steel in hand to save the world of Gothic. Many old friends will be met along the journey, but JoWood warns that “some old alliances may not have lasted the test of time…”

An unusual feature of the expansion will be the importance of feedback from fans about what it should include. The designer and development team are watching the Gothic forums daily for player comments, and as many of the fanbase wishes as possible will be incorporated into the expansion.

Gothic 3 launched in late 2006 and was given high review scores by most gaming sites, although it faced some criticism over the large number of bugs in the game. JoWood, the game’s publisher, was accused of rushing the game’s release before it was completely finished, a situation compounded by the decision by Piranha Bytes, the game’s original developer, to halt support of the game during a dispute with JoWood. Support was eventually taken over by Spellbound Studios, who are also working on Gothic 4.

Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods is currently planned for release in the final quarter of 2008. More information and discussion is available at JoWood’s Gothic 3 General Discussion forum.

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