Jurassic Survival Sim Lets You Pole Vault Dinosaurs


In The Stomping Land, you’ll need every trick at your disposal to survive.

There’s been no credible evidence that humans and dinosaurs ever lived at the same time, but science can’t dispute the fact that it would have been really, really cool if we had. It might be less cool from the perspective of a dino-hunter, though. Being at the bottom of the food chain is rough, but that’s just the sort of challenge you’ll face in The Stomping Land, a multiplayer survival game set in the age of dinosaurs. A Kickstarter campaign was recently launched to fund the independently-produced game and met its $20,000 goal overnight, so expect your fantasy of cooperative dinosaur hunting to be a reality before too long.

The Stomping Land has one simple objective – survive. Hunger is as large a threat as the wildlife, so you’ll need to collect meat from smaller dinosaurs. You’re equipped with a trusty bow, but you’ll need much more than that if you want to stay alive. Carnivores like the T-rex are more than happy to steal your hard-earned food before you’re finished carving it, and your bow won’t be able to take them down so easily. To get an edge, you’ll have to employ a variety of tools and traps constructed from salvaged resources. These range from ropes tied between trees to poles for vaulting over large dinosaurs to pterodactyl wingsuits. This game’s technology levels may not be historically accurate, but man do they sound like fun.

Players can work together to take down larger beasts and stockpile resources. Tribes of players gain special abilities and tools based on how much spare food they have stashed away in their camp, but as more meat is removed from the food chain, rival tribes will be forced to steal food from unattended camps or sabotage other players’ bases. If you don’t want to starve, you’ll have to contend with not just angry dinosaurs, but other humans who challenge the dominance of your tribe.

The game currently has enough funding to be completed by its three-man development team, but the game’s director (who has worked on Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders) wants to bring on additional staff if the Kickstarter’s stretch goals are met. The Stomping Land is aiming for a March 2014 release on PC, launching on Steam for a budget price. If you like what you see, you can chip in to the Kickstarter campaign until June 6.

Source: Kickstarter

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