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KarmaZoo Is a Chaotic 10-Player Platformer from Devolver Digital

KarmaZoo Is a Chaotic 10-Player Platformer from Devolver Digital announcement trailer

If you want something unique from the indie video game scene, usually Devolver Digital has your back. From Weird West to Cult of the Lamb, the publisher clearly has an eye for the inventive. Now, Devolver Digital and developer Pastagames are about to embrace multiplayer co-op with the mayhem known as KarmaZoo. The title is a multiplayer platformer for up to 10 players, and it will launch sometime this year.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Cooperation is the key to success in KarmaZoo. In Loop Mode, gamers will choose among 50 pixelated animal avatars and be paired with either a random set of players or well-known buddies. Everyone must work together and use their unique abilities to complete the game’s levels. The stages adjust to the amount of people playing, meaning no two runs will be the same. By doing good deeds, you gain Karma, which is used to unlock new characters or abilities for future stages known as Loops. You may even need to kill yourself  and create a tombstone block to help others reach the goal!

Of course, if cooperating isn’t your thing, there is Totem Mode. This competitive option lets up to eight players fight head to head in frantic minigames.

KarmaZoo will launch later this year for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch. It will support cross-platform play, so anyone can join forces together. I love when gaming barriers are broken down! Personally, I can totally see myself losing a lot of my free time playing this with friends and strangers alike, so I’m hyped for this game.

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