…But only if you buy the “Ultra Edition.”

If you’re excited about to the new Killer Instinct on Xbox One, there’s a good chance your interest is fueled by nostalgia for the original. At the same time, if you’re feeling unsure, you’re probably driven by those same feelings. Either way, you really liked the original Killer Instinct. Microsoft and developer Double Helix are apparently aware of this, because they’re giving fans a chance to go back to the original with, Killer Instinct Classic, a port of the original N64/Arcade title that will be available to players who pick up the upcoming reboot.

KI Classic is only available to players who purchase the game’s “Ultra Edition,” which gives players access to the game’s first set of players, which includes two that will be released after launch. Killer Instinct will allow for a free-to-play model of sorts: Players can download the game and use one character, Jago, for free, and can purchase access to characters a la carte for $4.99 a piece… Or they can get all six launch characters by picking up the “Ultra Edition” for $19.99. According to developer Double Helix, KI Classic will not be sold separately.

Killer Instinct Classic is a complete port of the original Killer Instinct arcade game, and you can ONLY get it with the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct,” producer Torin Retting told Siliconera.

KI Classic will actually include two versions of the original Killer Instinct. Players can switch between original Arcade edition and a revised version released later, which includes bug fixes and balance tweaks, including a fix for Cinder’s infinite combo. Double Helix has also added a training mode visual effects to replicate the scan lines of a CRT TV.

Unfortunately, while the game has some cool features for discerning players, KI Classic will be not feature online multiplayer.

When asked whether Double Helix plans to port Killer Instinct 2, Retting said; “No news for Killer Instinct 2 for Xbox One… yet.”

Source: Siliconera

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