Killer is Dead Videos Show Off Gameplay, “Gigolo Glasses”


New videos showcase the hacking, slashing, and dating techniques of Sudo 51’s latest game.

Killer is Dead, the latest game from eccentric creator Suda 51, was revealed a few months back via a psychedelic trailer. A stereotypically Japanese take on James Bond, it features robot arms, willing women, and space suits. We now have more context to go with that insanity cocktail, thanks to more recently released gameplay videos.

One video starts with Chopin playing softly, as grown men speak in Japanese and kill each other. Presumably this would expand on the background of the killers who are dead, but we’ll have to wait for a proper English translation to know for sure. After that, the video shows off the hack’n’slash gameplay Suda’s known for.

If that last little bit has you wanting more, there are a few other videos show the gameplay more extensively. It seems to have a very Bayonetta, No More Heroes vibe about it.

Meanwhile, another video shows off Killer is Dead‘s romantic side. Alongside all the hacking and slashing, there’s also a dating simulator at your disposal. While the Japanese dialog makes the proceedings slightly less comprehensible, it seems to involve a lot of good ol’ fashioned ogling. If that’s not enough to turn you on, the protagonist can also don a pair of “Giglio Glasses” and look right through your prospective date’s clothing. Classy.

Many more brief videos are available on the Japanese 4Gamer YouTube channel.

Killer is Dead will come to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this summer.

Source: 4Gamer

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