Killzone 2: Now With Female Helghast


Guerilla Games recently held a live Q&A session online with its adoring public, and let slip a few intriguing tidbits about its upcoming mega-shooter, including the existence of a custom soundtrack option and the possibility of…female Helghast?

Though the chat mostly consisted of Killzone 2 fans drooling over their favorite developer (Q: How awesome are you? A: So awesome.) and going over old information, there were a few morsels of information revealed about the game that might interest those of us who aren’t as rabid in their curiosity as the members of the more passionate breed of console fans.

For starters, the multiplayer will put to work a horde of info-gathering robots that will track a huge quantity of statistics that’ll be compiled in-game but also go up on the official Killzone site for fans to digest and analyze, not unlike what Bungie has done for Halo 3. Speaking of the site, it will also serve as an official hub for clans in Killzone 2 – every clan will get their own clan page with player and team statistics, rosters, breakdowns of recent games and even a clan forum. So no need to start up a Geocities page for your Killzone 2 clan – Guerilla’s already got you covered.

In terms of gameplay information, Guerilla spoke on the game’s Call of Duty 4-esque “experience” system where you’ll be moving up ranks as you play more, as well as the lack of a cover system in multiplayer, something that is very present in the campaign. “We found, through playtesting that it did not work in the 360 degree combat environment of online and people found it faster and easier to simply crouch and duck and were in fact working against the system, so we took it out,” Guerilla’s Seb Downie explained.

One thing multiplayer will have that single-player doesn’t, though, is custom soundtracks. “In Single player the music is designed to match the action so it would be hard for us to mix up your favourite boyband,” Downie said. Good to know that I’ll be able to play some Phil Collins (Tarzan soundtrack, of course) while blasting fools with my sniper rifle.

Finally, there was one pressing question that came up over the course of the conversation. “Are there any femal hleghast?” asked user Moebius, clearly so excited over the possibility he forgot how to type. “Will we ever get to see one?” To which Downie replied: “Good question. The Helghast are still somewhat human behind those masks, so there must be Helghast women. Would not want to wake up next to one though.” Thanks Guerilla. You just gave justification to about a thousand fanfics with sexy female Helghast. Not that that’s a, uh, bad thing.

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