Kinect Hack Slaps World’s Most Jiggly Boobs on Anyone

Thanks to a new hack, Kinect users can now be the proud owners of some very jiggly protrusions.

Did you think the jiggle-free Kinect boob hack of 2010 would be the end of motion-based breast control? No my friends, it was only the beginning, because with a new hack shown off on YouTube you can actually be the boobs.

And those boobs are jiggly, so jiggly. YouTube’s RichWhitehouse has posted up this video of a Kinect hack he calls “extreme boobie jiggling” that uses the 3D model of Ivy from Soul Calibur to demonstrate its potential. A Kinect user’s movements are mimicked by Ivy onscreen through skeletal tracking, and Ivy’s breasts use a very specific physics simulation to … well just watch for yourself.

RichWhitehouse admits that his hack uses “high bounce and barely-existent gravity factors” for Ivy’s boobs to create something that is more amusing than realistic. The boobs even interact with the model itself as the demonstrator slaps them around. Good lord.

I’m nearly appalled by the effort that had to go into something like this. Sure, it’s entertaining, but seriously? I guess it’s just an example of how humans really like boobs. Combine this hack with the upcoming Kinect porn games, and we’d have something really special on our hands. I’m pretty sure it’s stuff like this that keeps the aliens from bringing us to the utopia of the universe, but hey, at least it’s funny right?

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