Kinect Hacker Gives Juggling Skills to Minecraft Monuments


The Kinect hacker that made himself into a bunch of Minecraft monuments has now put those monuments in motion.

The second phase of Nathan Viniconis’ Minecraft monument-creating Kinect hack has brought those monuments to life. Now the hack not only creates Minecraft representations of the people and objects Viniconis places in from of his Kinect, but shows them moving around while made of Minecraft blocks.

The first phase took pictures of Viniconis and his girlfriend and represented them as best the hack could in Minecraft. After phase two, those models can be scaled, so if you want a smaller Minecraft tribute to yourself that’s okay too.

The color-matching abilities of the hack have also been improved, and hack users can customize the block types they want their monuments to be made out of. The coolest part of phase two is how Viniconis demonstrates, on video, the hack animating his Minecraft monument at 30 FPS while he juggles three balls, all created in the game. This is evidently a form of stop-motion animation.

And finally, he reveals that his hack can not only put versions of ourselves into Minecraft, but our pets as well. His cat, Cashew, is shown twirling around the world of Minecraft, made of blocks. My dream of a Minecraft world filled with cute dogs has come true.

What could await us in Viniconis’ phase three?

Source: Order of Events, via Joystiq

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