Square Enix’s new 3DS Kingdom Hearts title will make players feel like they’re Superman.

Square Enix had more than one name change in store for this week’s 1st Production Premiere Event. Kingdom Hearts 3D for the Nintendo 3DS has now been renamed Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which is a hint toward how the game will use the handheld’s 3D effect.

At the Premiere, Kingdom Hearts 3D director Yasushi Yasue revealed that Dream Drop Distance will feature both Sora and Riku, with players able to switch between them at will. Yasue said this switch will add a new tactical element to the game.

Dream Drop Distance will make use of 3D when players are “falling” or “flying.” The game’s new trailer shows players falling from the sky in a first-person mode, with balloons and other objects moving upward that will presumably be displayed in 3D.

The trailer also shows how Yasue wants Dream Drop Distance to imbue players with a new sense of speed. Riku and Sora bounce between walls, swing around posts, and jump into groups of monsters with lightning-quick weapon slashes. It’s very fast.

Perhaps subconsciously, Square Enix confirmed that we’re in for a new generation of acronyms now that Nintendo is moving on to the 3DS. It’ll be tough to string three “D” words together in a row, but I think the game industry is up for the challenge. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was not given a release date.

Source: Siliconera

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