Kingdoms of Amalur Sells 330,000 Copies


Fate has been relatively kind to the new 38 Studios IP, which snagged the number four spot for February game sales in North America.

38 Studios does not have the same kind of precise control over its fate as the protagonist of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but fortune has favored it just the same. The NPD has revealed its software sales chart for February 2012, and Amalur checked in at a respectable #4, managing to move over 330,000 copies in North America alone. While these numbers will not skyrocket the IP to overnight success, it’s a fairly strong start, and could result in continued support for the fledgling franchise.

330,000 copies for a AAA title in its first month may not sound like much, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, Amalur is a new IP; in fact, it’s the only new IP to show up in the Top 10 videogame sales for February. It debuted just behind UFC Undisputed 3 and just ahead of Just Dance 3, both popular titles in established franchises. Furthermore, the NPD group surveys only North American sales, and even then, does not account for every single sale on the continent. By time sales in other regions come through, Amalur’s sales figures will be higher – perhaps significantly so.

While EA should release the final word on Amalur‘s sales soon, these figures are fairly promising for the would-be new series. In addition to its upcoming DLC, 38 Studios has expressed interest in creating an MMO based on the franchise. Only EA can decide whether the sales figures merit further exploration of the world of Amalur, but there have certainly been worse ways to launch an IP.

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