Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition Now Available on Mac/PC


The tabletop role-playing simulator is now available on PC and Mac, sporting new content and an extended campaign.

There’s a unique thrill to getting together with a bunch of nerds and rolling funny looking dice. While there’s no substitute for actually doing it, Knights of Pen & Paper did an admirable job of simulating tabletop role-playing games and in the process created a clever and challenging RPG that both fans of the dice and fans of the digital could enjoy. Originally released for iOS and Android, PC and Mac gamers can now enjoy this unique experience thanks to the now availableKnights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition.

The +1 Edition comes packed with a bevy of bonuses to attract players new and old. These include a lengthier campaign, new game areas, a tavern, dungeons raids and an array of new loot to gather and hoard. The +1 Edition can be purchased via digital storefronts for $9.99. A deluxe version of the game is also available for $14.99. Android and iOS gamers, meanwhile, can purchase the +1 Edition for $2.99. Players who purchased previous versions of the Knights of Pen & Paper will receive a free upgrade to the +1 Edition.

If you haven’t given Knights of Pen & Paper a try just yet, we’d highly recommend you take this as an opportunity to do so. While the game is definitely tailored toward fans of tabletop role-playing, it also strikes some nice retro gaming notes and should be a comfortable fit for anyone who’s happily spent their hours fighting through pixelated, turn-based battles.

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