Paradox Interactive has released a new trailer with a more in-depth look at the visuals and gameplay of Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

The original Knights of Pen & Paper was a fun and amusing game with some arguable rough edges. While it was definitely a charming virtual recreation of the tabletop RPG experience, it often got bogged down by the grindy nature of its gameplay. With the announcement of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 however, Paradox Interactive promised a far more in-depth experience that would include revamped combat, crafting options and complex “dynamically generated dungeons.”

Hoping to give prospective players a deeper look at the new game, Paradox has now released a “60 FPS” trailer to show off its updates. The trailer itself, much like the teaser that preceded it, is very tongue and cheek, poking fun at the various foibles that often show up in RPGs when you stop to think about them for longer than a minute. In terms of footage meanwhile, the trailer focused primarily on the game’s combat which, save for the nice visual upgrade, looks pretty similar to its predecessor. It did, in the least, offer a brief look at the new dungeons which appropriately look like something a dungeon master might sketch out on the fly on a piece of graph paper.

Speaking personally, while I really enjoyed the humor in the trailer and am looking forward to the new game, I wish it had made a better effort to point out more of the sequel’s improvements. Paradox has promised some nice things for the second game, but if you were going by this trailer alone, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 would pretty much just look like a visual upgrade and not much else.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 releases on PC, Android and iOS next month on May 14th.

Source: Paradox Interactive

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