Kojima Claims He’s Too Busy For Snatcher Sequel


Hideo Kojima wants to make a sequel to Snatcher, but he doesn’t have time.

Fans of Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher have been clamoring for years, hoping that their cries will convince the man to make a sequel to the game. Unfortunately, Kojima has said that it’s not gonna happen any time in the foreseeable future because he’s just too dang busy.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Kojima was asked if (based on the open world nature of L.A. Noire and the cyberpunk genre coming into the public eye via Deus Ex: Human Revolution) if he was interested in making a sequel to Snatcher. Kojima responded:

This idea of ​​an open world in 3D is very good, and I would love to do something like Snatcher, but I do not have the time or the means to do so. But if anyone else would like to develop it, I would love it.

Are you confused? Don’t be. It turns out this interview was given shortly before he announced the game’s radio-drama sequel. At present, it sounds like this audio program is the closest thing fans are going to get to an actual continuation of the series.

Source: PlayStation Blog via Eurogamer

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