Kojima One Step Closer To Being Big Boss Of Konami


First Konami, then the world!

It’s well-known that Konami is shaking the corporate tree a little, especially after the purchase and layoffs at Hudson. While this sort of restructuring often results in job vacancies, sometimes people get promotions. Case in point: Hideo Kojima is one of the company’s newest vice presidents.

Aside from Kojima, Konami also announced that Shinji Enomoto (who produces the Pro Evolution Soccer games) would take on a VP position, too. Some of Konami’s other producers were given promotions, too: “Mineaki Yoshiba, Yasuyuki Yamaji and Kazuyuki Kisohara have become directors, while Kazuhiko Uehera will become CEO of new Konami acquisition Hudsonsoft.”

Kojima will apparently still be just as involved with Kojima Productions as he has been in the past, but his new position “could afford him more clout and creative freedom at the publisher.” It’ll be interesting to see what Konami does as a publisher now that Kojima has his hands closer to the helm. A good first step would be to publish titles that’re better than Battle: L.A..

Oh, yeah, and get everyone at the company giant toy ducks to ride around on.


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