Kojima Reveals Figurine Prototype of Metal Gear Solid V‘s Quiet

Quiet figurine prototype

Hideo Kojima has said in the past that he designed Quiet to be “sexy” for cosplays and figurines.

In two tweets yesterday, Hideo Kojima revealed two pictures of an in-progress prototype for a figurine of Metal Gear Solid V‘s Quiet. She stands in a bikini and ripped tights, holding a gun.

Kojima announced on Twitter in September that he “ordered” Quiet, a sniper in Metal Gear Solid V to be “more erotic.” He made intentions known with another tweet: “The initial target is to make u want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well.” He then followed the remark with a close-up picture of Quiet’s backside, focusing on the bikini bottom and torn pantyhose. His comments drew skepticism and disapproval. He clarified a couple days later that he meant he wanted characters to be sexier rather than “more erotic.” He added that he wanted all aspects of the game, such as the weapons, to be sexy. Model Stefanie Joosten, who portrays Quiet, said Kojima has a reason for why Quiet wears what she does but could not reveal more than that.

If Kojima’s initial goal for Quiet’s design was to market merchandise like figurines, the Quiet figurine prototype comes as no surprise. Until Kojima reveals why Quiet wears what she does – and even then the explanation may not be adequate – it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at her design and feel it’s not exploitative.

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