Kojima Talks Castlevania Involvement


Can we expect to sit through 20-minute cutscenes in between whipping vampires in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? In a recent interview Hideo Kojima explained his level of involvement in the new 3D Castlevania reboot.

The revelation that Lords of Shadow, the new God-of-War-esque Castlevania game, didn’t look horrible at all was fantastic news for series fans already, but knowing that esteemed designer Hideo Kojima would be adding his unique touch to development was the icing on the cake.

How much influence does Kojima have in the creation of Lords of Shadow, however? Are we going to start seeing codec conversations and political commentary in our Castlevania? Probably not. “Kojima Productions is playing more of a support role,” Kojima told Famitsu. “This has become a big project, one with the idea that we needed to make a Castlevania which had that same kind of feverish Western support, and that’s why Kojima Productions came in to help.”

Kojima himself doesn’t seem to have any direct input in development, but is sort of sitting back and sharing nuggets of wisdom to push the project in the right direction, having developer Mercury Steam “fix things based on my objective viewpoint” when he sees fit. So far he’s done things like suggest the main character’s face look more “heroic.”

And apparently the man is satisfied with what he’s seen so far. “I think it’s safe to look forward to this title both as a Castlevania game and as an action game,” he said, saying that “it’s got great gameplay and great action, and the graphics are good even to Japanese eyes.”

[Via 1UP]
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