Kojima Wants To Get “Crazy” With iPhone

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Hideo Kojima is considering his options for upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch projects, and he says he wants to do something crazy. And when Kojima says crazy, he means crazy.

Now that Metal Gear Solid Touch is out for the iPhone and iPod Touch and he’s allegedly free from main Metal Gear Solid directorial duties, Hideo Kojima is taking stock of Apple’s all-the-rage super-phone, and he’s eager to do more. Something maybe a little more wild than just another shooting gallery game like Touch was. Something, he says, that would be “crazy.”

Now, there’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining crazy, which is more homicidal than plain crazy, there’s Keita Takahashi crazy, which is really weird and apparently hallucinogen-free, and then there’s Kojima crazy, which, well, just look at the guy, he’s sitting on a duck.

So how to get crazy with the iPhone? Considering that Kojima has frequently made playful use of input devices in the MGS games, it seems like the possibilities are limitless. Indeed, Kojima does want to make more use of the iPhone’s unique capabilities. Here’s his example, as related at an appearance at the Apple Store in San Francisco last week: Let’s say you like Coldplay. I won’t judge, it’s what Kojima said. Now, maybe if you’re listening to Coldplay while controlling Snake, he’ll fight better. Crazy, right?

That’s what Hideo Kojima is imagining for the iPhone. Solid Snake’s fighting prowess enhanced by the soothing sounds of Coldplay. God help us all.

[Via The Feed]
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