Konami shuts down its Redwood City operations and combines its California divisions.

Konami announced that they will be closing their Redwood City, California, office and merging its operations into their El Segundo site near Los Angeles by the end of July in order to “maximize the strategic collaboration for the future digital entertainment growth of the company.” All employees from the Redwood City site, which is mostly composed of Konami’s public relations, marketing and operations workers, will be given the opportunity to relocate south to the new branch. However, there will undoubtedly be many employees unwilling or uninterested in the transition.

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. chairman and CEO Kazami Kitaue commented on the consolidation during yesterday’s announcement. “We have currently evolved a multi-platform entertainment business, such as Game Soft, Arcade, Mobile, Online, Card, Licensing and Toy & Hobby, as our digital entertainment and we will continue to strive into creating and providing the customers the best experience for their valuable time.

“In order to grasp the rapid change of entertainment trends and take timely strategic action, having all functions under one roof is critical. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will continue creating and innovating in order to provide its customers with dreams and excitement which have never before been experienced.”

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