Konami Tries Its Hand at Metal Gear Solid Fashion


The Peace Walker inspired clothing is surprisingly stylish, but unfortunately, it’s for men only.

Dressing up like characters from the Metal Gear games is about to get a whole lot easier, following the announcement that Konami plans to release a clothing line passed on the PSP prequel Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The line, which will be available online in the US and Canada on April 11th, includes a couple of t-shirts with Peace Walker and Fox Hound logos, as well as jackets, trousers, and hats lifted straight from the game itself. The clothes look surprisingly good; so good in fact, that they’re the sort of thing you could wear in everyday life without drawing any funny looks. Unfortunately, all the clothes are designed for the male Metal Gear fan, so the ladies are out of luck. Hopefully, Konami will rectify this soon.

The clothing line is the result of a partnership between Konami and Musterbrand LLC, a global licensing and merchandising company based in New York. Careen Yapp, Konami VP of Acquisitions and Franchise Development, said that the success of Peace Walker had allowed Konami to go beyond what it would normally do with a Metal Gear game. In a press release, Konami indicated that this was just the beginning of the line, and that more clothes would be added quarterly, and around special events during the year.

There are no details available on how much this stuff is likely to cost, but chances are it won’t be cheap. Some of the range is really rather nice though, so it might be worth saving up your pennies.

Source: Silconera

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