Lack of Gay Character Options in RPGs “A Shame,” Says BioWare Producer


BioWare producer Cameron Lee announced at Gamescom not only that Dragon Age: Inquisition would feature same-sex romance options but that the resistance to including them in games is baffling to him.

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BioWare’s Cameron Lee, a producer currently working on Dragon Age: Inquisition, had some very specific words at Gamescom yesterday in support of same-sex romance in games. “It’s an important topic,” said Lee, as reported by VG247. Not only would same-sex romance be included in Inquisition, but resistance to its inclusion within the game industry is puzzling to him. Lee continued:

“It goes back to fantasy fulfilment. Your fantasies may be different to mine in terms of gender, sexuality, race, class, how you look, all these things. We’re not going to force you to be a fixed character, that you have to be this male guy that runs through the world and looks a certain way, walks a certain way. We even give you choices of voices.

“So why picking a gender or sexuality is an issue is beyond me. We have the technology to do it, and we have for a long time, so why not let your fantasy be different?”

Inclusion is “at the core of RPGs, and I think it’s a shame that more games don’t allow you to have that freedom,” he added. BioWare, previously infamous for the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, has actually been generating quite a big of goodwill recently with Inquisition. Their prominent inclusion of the female version of the game’s main character, the Inquisitor, in promotional material resulted in fans gifting the studio dozens of cupcakes.

For more on the latest Dragon Age game, check out the most recent trailer, which includes some surprise cameos from other characters in the series. The game, which was recently delayed, is scheduled to launch on Nov. 18 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: VG247

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