LARPing Skyrim


Video sends up Skyrim by playing the open-world RPG in real life.

As with any popular property, Skyrim has received its fair share of mockery and parody, from the endless Fus Ro Dah videos (personal favorite) to the silly arrows to the knee. It was only a matter of time before someone dramatized the somewhat ridiculous nature of NPC behavior and the quests of Skyrim as if they occurred in real life. I’ve chuckled at Gary Bigham’s “Pro-Larping” videos before, and he didn’t disappoint by putting on a horned helm made out of tin foil and venturing out to slay dragons, climb the thousand step, and get rid of that stupid guy who works for Belethor at the general goods store.

There’s some obligatory references – you might see an arrow or two – but overall Bigham’s video is a pretty spot on parody of Skyrim. I love his off-the-cuff delivery, even if the nerd lisp gets a little old. I could watch him fiddle with a small red handkerchief all day long trying to mesmerize attacking bandits – “Illusion!”

Now, if only real LARPing was this amusing.

Thanks for the tip, Andrew and chainsawfists.

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