Microsoft has posted a Service Alert, warning Xbox Live users that they may be threatened by phishing attempts through a Modern Warfare 2 exploit.

Hackers may not have access to your credit card information or XBL account, but some XBL users have claimed that their in-game rank and leaderboard data in Modern Warfare 2 has been altered by other users asking for money. has not commented on these dubious claims.’s alert only warns of “specific messaging.”

This news comes following Sony’s recent announcement that 77 million Playstation Network users’ accounts, including credit card information, have been accessed by cyber criminals.

Xbox Live has seen its fair share of phishing scams in the past, but these attempts relied on pretending to be Xbox support and tricking users into giving their information through email.

Stay tuned for updates but, for now, you might want to be wary of playing any Call of Duty titles online.


Update: Hackers have not accessed any XBL users’ information, including credit card info. This post has been altered to reflect that all claims made that say otherwise are unproven at the moment. We apologize for the confusion.

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