TimeGate Studios, one of the developers behind the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, has been forced to cut staff.

If TimeGate Studios is fresh in your memory these days, it’s likely because of its involvement in the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines, which came out last month to nearly universal derision. Gearbox, the studio that’s actually credited for the game, claimed after it came out that a substantial portion of the work was done by TimeGate, and whether or not that’s true – Sega denied it, and Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford stated in mid-2012 that 80 percent of the work was being done by Gearbox – TimeGate now appears to be suffering for it.

“Today, we had to make the difficult decision to let go of some great game developers. This is never easy, and we’re doing all we can to assist those developers affected,” TimeGate President Adel Chaveleh confirmed with Polygon. “TimeGate is preparing, as is the entire industry, for the transition to next-generation consoles and new business models. As part of this reinvention, all projects and strategic initiatives continue to move forward at the studio.”

Sources say that about 25 people were cut from the TimeGate roster, although Chaveleh declined to give specific numbers. The cuts were reportedly connected to a failed publishing deal.

While TimeGate’s role in Aliens: Colonial Marines may have brought it unwelcome notoriety, the studio is probably better known to shooter fans for its Section 8 games and the F.E.A.R. expansions Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate.

Source: Polygon

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