The “Road to the Cup” clip features anime versions of famous professional League of Legends players.

Here’s a new one. When I saw “League of Legends anime trailer”, I was expecting something along the lines of the previously released Twist of Fate cinematic but in anime form. Instead, the trailer stars anime versions of famous professional League of Legends players, taking on aspects of their characters of choice.

“As the World Championship final draws near, we showcase the biggest heroes in esports from around the world that have wowed us all throughout Season 3. Many teams fell by the wayside in epic battles and now only two remain. Who will rise?”

It’s certainly a unique way to promote eSports for the game. The trailer starts off with members from the teams participating in the 2013 League of Legends World Championships showing off some cool moves from each of their characters, before engaging in a literal “fight for the cup” as they try to scale a massive golden pillar holding the championship trophy. The animation is really superb, and if you follow LoL eSports at all, seeing your favorite players like this is really cool.

If this video has gotten you pumped for eSports, be sure to tune in to the World Championship grand final, when Korea’s SK TELECOM T1 will square off against China’s Royal Club this Saturday at noon.

Source: Riot Games

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