Left 4 Dead 2 Boomer Plush Vomits Children to Sleep


In a change of pace, Valve is now encouraging that the public hug the undead rather than kill it.

Zombies have been considered many things in their time: ugly, sickening, gross, bloody, disgusting, horrid, repugnant, stinky, and reprehensible, but Valve wants to add a new word to that list. Now available on the Valve store is a Left 4 Dead 2 Boomer plush that will have people calling zombies “cute.”

It might go against the tenets of zombiehood, but the $49.99 Boomer plush is downright kissable. The tumor over its left eye even makes me say “Awwwww… somebody’s got a cute widdle tumor.” It’s definitely the perfect stuffed plush to send a kid off to la-la land with, if you want him to dream of a fat-ass zombie that will spit bile in his face while zombies rip him apart.

Hold on, did I say $49.99? Yes I did, but stay with me, as the Boomer plush seems to justify its cost with extra features. It’s 13 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and requires three AAA batteries so it can emit 10 different Boomer sounds. It’ll belch in your face, and you’ll probably love it.

If you’ve already gone ape over Boomer, get ready to smash your head (and wallet) into the wall. A teaser is currently on the Valve store’s front page that indicates four more Left 4 Dead 2 plush designs will be released “soon.” Their greyed out silhouettes show a possible Witch and Tank, while the others I would only be guessing at because I’m not a huge Left 4 Deadhead. I’m sure all of you know what they’ll be though.

Source: Boomer Plush

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