Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Workshop Open For Business


The Workshop mecca of user-created content has come, to give Francis new shirts.

If you’ve wanted more user created content for Left 4 Dead 2, now’s your chance, as Steam’s zombie Workshop has moved out of beta. Thousands of new campaigns could be yours, though it will probably take a while for the Workshop to get all of this new content on board.

“Content creators have been hard at work creating content for Left 4 Dead 2,” says Valve in a blog post, “but they have just gotten access to the new Workshop, so give them some time to upload their work.” Finding things once they’re in the Workshop is a breeze. Just load up Left 4 Dead 2, click on the add-ons section to get to the Workshop, then click “subscribe” on whatever content you fancy. File size limit has increased to 200MB, which still may be a little small for some of the campaigns, but that just means you’ll have to download them one piece at a time.

For more information on what’s available and how to get it, take a look over here. As for the content creators: we who are about to drown in zombie giblets salute you!

Source: Valve

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