Left Behind Games Giving Games To Its Own Investors


Left Behind Games wants to give you a free game, provided that you’ve already kicked in some serious cash to the company.

Left Behind Games is certainly determined to get its software titles into as many hands as possible. In the past, the publisher has relied on tactics like Walmart placement to increase awareness of its games. Now, it’s giving a free game to investors.

Basically, the offer is being extended to investors because it wants to show off its new downloadable game software, which “protects games through the use of database checking activation codes.”

In the announcement, Left Behind’s CEO Troy Lyndon stated, “Often I hear people ask, ‘what’s really so special about your games?’ Now, those interested can see for themselves why Charlie Church Mouse is loved by so many kids and parents alike, and why our other quality Christian games represent a life-improving, healthy alternative to many of the video games currently on the market. It’s as simple as downloading it to your PC right now. And there’s no obligation.”

This seems a little confusing: How exactly is this promotion supposed to raise more money for the company? Maybe by showing investors how secure the company’s download system is, it’ll convince them to kick in some more cash? With any other publisher, this would seem weird, but Left Behind Games has a history of strange tactics …

Source: GamePolitics

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