Legend of Grimrock Passes the Test


The Legend of Grimrock hardware compatibility test concludes with good news.

Hardware compatibility testing for the Legend of Grimrock has wrapped up and while I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to take part [because somehow I didn’t know about it] I am pleased as peaches to report that things appear to have gone very well. “We received a great deal of data and there were at least 4000 downloads of the test,” the team wrote in a new blog post. “Thankfully, only a handful of problems surfaced but there’s still one or two issues we are currently inspecting, mostly with very old graphics cards. Overall it seems like the game is working rather nicely!”

If Legend of Grimrock isn’t ringing a bell for you, I urge you to point yourself at and have a look around, or if that’s too much work just watch the trailer above. It’s a new take on the grid-based dungeon crawlers of old, like Eye of the Beholder of Dungeon Master, fusing sexy new technology with old-school, grid-based gameplay, and it looks fantastic.

The team said it might run one more test before launch but isn’t yet sure it’ll be necessary. Legend of Grimrock is expected to be out in early 2012 – pretty soon, in other words – for the PC, followed by releases for Mac and iOS.

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