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Lego Donkey Kong Set Teased in Video, and They Have Some Funky Mouths

Lego social media reveals a teaser video for Lego Donkey Kong, including Diddy, Dixie, and more characters, but the Kongs have funky mouths.

Lego-based video game characters are awesome. The Bowser one is particularly impressive, though it cost $270. Thankfully, there are cheaper options, with this latest set hopefully being one of them. A Lego Donkey Kong set has been teased via an official short Lego video on Twitter, branded as being part of the Lego Super Mario world.

Check it out below:

Hearing Donkey Kong Country music is always a plus.

Back in March, it was revealed Donkey Kong was coming to Lego during the summer, though only the main ape himself was shown. Now, Dixie Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, and Funky Kong are joining the fray. And boy, do their mouths look weird. It’s great to see Funky Kong, though, since he’s the coolest of the bunch.

Hopefully, we will learn more details about the set soon. Pricing and a release date would be the most important things to get confirmed. Also, maybe some members of the Donkey Kong 64 crew will eventually get some love. At the very least, please give fans the option of adding a Coconut Gun to Donkey Kong’s hands.

Of course, my sincerest hope is this set will coincide with a new game announcement for the series. It has been a while since the Nintendo Switch re-release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, after all.

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