LEGO Robot Wargame Mobile Frame Zero Goes Space With Alpha Bandit

Micro Construct Tactics Nova Mobile Frame Zero 002 Alpha Bandit is a really long name for a game but I forgive it that sin in light of that it is probably going to be very, very fun.

2013’s Mobile Frame Zero 001 Rapid Attack was a fun, fast-playing little skirmish wargame where you built a squadron of mechs out of LEGO and took the fight to your enemy by blowing their carefully crafted mechs into literal pieces. Now, creator Joshua A.C. Newman and infamous LEGO robot builder Soren Roberts are taking on a new challenge: Space.

In the fines tradition of shows how MFZ takes inspiration from Gundam or Macross, Alpha Bandit takes on larger-scale space combat in lieu of focusing on ground warfare, with spaceships launching entire companies of mecha at each other to do battle. Going on what they have to say about it, the game will be as fast-playing and enjoyable as Rapid Attack was. The basis of the game will be both boarding and capturing opponents’ ships with your companies of mechs, or destroying them when you can’t.

Soren Robers has put together a gallery of what some Alpha Bandit ships might look like.

If you like those ships, you should check out creator Soren’s Flickr account.

Alpha Bandit is on Kickstarter right now. Its funding campaign ends Friday, April 25th.

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