Let’s Unbox the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition!


You could kill a man with the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition, but let’s see what’s inside instead.

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since I first pumped a quarter into a Street Fighter stand-up in the dingy, nameless little arcade behind Stop ‘n’ Go Subs. Even harder to believe that a quarter-century later, I’m still yammering about Street Fighter. Life is funny sometimes. But never mind that, let’s get to unboxing this thing.

Isn’t that a glorious box? You could pummel a man into unconsciousness with this box. Even better, you could shout “Hadoubox!” and then throw it at him. Or you could just open it like a normal person and see what’s inside.

First up is the official Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition Certificate of Authenticity, “signed” by producer Yoshinori Ono, informing all and sundry that this is in fact that real deal. There’s also a big, hardcover art book that will look impressive on anybody’s coffee table, more soundtrack discs than I have fingers, an “Anniversary Film Collection” on Blu-ray, and the pièce de résistance, a finely-detailed statue of Ryu – Japanese for “Not As Sexy As Ken” – doing some trampoline jazzercise. It even lights up!

An appropriately black belt ties the whole package together, although not literally – and wearing it does not automatically confer unstoppable martial arts techniques upon anyone. Consider yourselves warned.

Is it impressive? Yes. Is it expensive? Also yes. But if you’re a serious Street Fighter fan, how can you say no?

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