Level 5 Has Some Seriously Pimpin’ Offices


If you haven’t ever wanted to make games at Professor Layton developer Level-5, you will after seeing where the team all works.

The Japanese games industry has been going through some rough times as of late, but do you know which developer seems to be doing well for itself? A little outlet called Level-5, for one.

The developer of the well-received Professor Layton series, the less-well-received White Knight Chronicles, and the incredibly popular Inazuma Eleven soccer series – alongside work on some of the more recent Dragon Quest titles – Level-5 is one of the most successful Japanese development houses in recent memory.

And to prove it, the developers have one swank pad. Siliconera spotted the company’s new “company navigator,” and this place just looks – for lack of a better word – pimp as all hell. Futuristic-looking conference rooms and statues of Yoda aside, this almost looks more like a really upscale apartment or nightclub than it does a development studio! But then you see the motion cap hall and realize, “Oh yeah, people make games here.”

For pure nerd paradise it doesn’t quite beat out Blizzard’s campus in my eyes, but what Level 5 lacks in nerd cred all over the walls it more than makes up for in pure style.

If only all offices could be so cool.

(Level 5 via Siliconera)

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