Online flash game Line Rider will race onto the iTunes game store this month for $2.99.

Once a simple online Flash game, Line Rider has sled its way to success, with Wii, DS and PC releases since its 2006 inception.

This month, the iPhone and iPod Touch will be able to play a special version of the series that utilizes the hardware’s touch screen for track building and the phone’s web access to view user-submitted tracks.

“We have over a million visitors to every month, and our strong and vocal audience has been asking for an iPhone/iPod Touch version of Line Rider ever since the touch interface was introduced,” said Brian Fargo, chief executive officer of inXile entertainment Inc. “Line Rider is a natural fit for the iPhone as mobile users will be able to share their tracks and ride the lines almost anywhere now.”

Additionally, a sequel to the previous retail release, Line Rider 2: Unbound, will feature fresh modes, characters and challenges designed by the world’s number one Line Rider player, TechDawg.

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