Lionhead Website Begins a Countdown

This article is over 12 years old and may contain outdated information

The countdown is on at Fable maker Lionhead Studios!

Go to the Lionhead Studios website and you’ll notice that things have changed a bit. “Thanks for visiting,” the site now says. “It’s time for a fresh look and feel for our website. Who knows what other surprises are coming…” And there’s a countdown! And a red button, not particularly shiny or candy-like, and the sort you’d use to button your shirt, not to erase history.

What could it possibly mean? I have no idea but as CVG notes, Microsoft recently began looking for a lead engine programmer for Lionhead with a knowledge of the Unreal Engine and Direct3D 11, something the current generation of consoles doesn’t support but the next generation presumably will.

Lionhead is currently working on Fable: The Journey and in June 2011 he revealed that the studio also has a “super secret second project” on the go. Since the new Fable game is already on the radar, the obvious hope is that the countdown will end in a reveal of the second project – and, since we’re casting wishes into the wind, that it’ll be a new Magic Carpet.

Unless my calculations are wrong [which is always a risk] the Lionhead countdown will hit zero 7 pm EST on March 5.

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