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We already covered the primary collectibles, but there’s a secondary set of bonus items scattered across the twisted mindscapes of The Evil Within’s second story-based add-on The Consequence. Find every additional music track and model viewer unlockable with these locations.

If you’re the type to pay attention to the main menu, you’ll see a few additional options included with these DLC chapters. New music tracks can be collected and heard, along with special diorama-like 3D models that reveal backstory to old characters or provide exposition on new creatures. We’ve got locations for all ten bonus collectibles in the list below, if you’re so inclined to squeeze some extra value out of The Consequence.

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The Consequence – Music & Model Collectible Locations

There are two types of extra collectibles in The Consequence — gold LP statues and Tango snail models. Collecting these optional items unlocks new OST tracks in the music player or new characters in the model viewer.

When you come across a snail, hold your flashlight beam steady until it transforms into a Tango Gameworks logo, making it available to collect.

Chapter 3: Illusions – Collectible Locations

Music Track #1: Taking the stairs down into a lab in the Mobius facility, you’ll reach a heavy trash bin blocking your way forward. There’s a room to the left with the first soundtrack collectible.

Model Snail #1: Entering Ruvik’s lab, you’ll eventually reach a disgusting room filled with eyeballs surrounding a Mobius nail logo. Before revealing the door, look to the left of the eyes. There’s a basin containing a snail.

Music Track #2: Through the double doors of the Krimson City Police Department, look on the desks to the left in the main detective office. You should spot the gold LP before passing the Japanese-themed desk.

Model Snail #2: In the same area, enter Sebastian’s office. Against the left wall is an open piece of luggage. Look inside to spot a second snail.

Music Track #3: Moving through the city exterior, you’ll enter an office through a wrecked concrete wall. Past the neon-lined reception desk, look for a soda pop machine against the left wall in the break area ahead. Press the button and a gold record statue will drop out.

Chapter 4: A Ghost Is Born – Collectible Locations

Music Track #4: In the maintenance passage, you’ll drop into a hallway with two directions. To the left, you’ll see a cat run down the path leading to a red chair save point. To the right is a dead end with a music track.

Model Snail #3: Continuing through the maintenance area, you’ll exit into an elevator lobby. The doors on the right elevator are slightly open. Approach and squeeze through — there’s a snail clinging to the wall at eye-height to the left once you’re inside.

Model Snail #4: Moving on, you’ll reach a short set of stairs to the right behind a metal cage with open double doors ahead. Before going through the doors, check beneath the stairs. There’s a hidden snail that’s tricky to spot until your flashlight reveals it.

Music Track #5: This one is tough. After appearing in the asylum basement, you’ll escape Mobius and return to the underground sewer guarded by Haunted. Before reaching the doors at the end of the sewer path, a door opens to the right with a Ruvik Haunted. Kill this extremely deadly enemy and look inside his room to get the last music track collectible.

Model Snail #5: After defeating a phase of the Mobius boss, you’ll enter a large open area with four pillars. Immediately turn right from your spawn point to find the last snail clinging to the back-right pillar.

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