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Loki Writer Michael Waldron to Write Kevin Feige Star Wars Movie, Loki Season 2 Apparently Confirmed

loki writer Michael Waldron kevin feige star wars movie loki season 2

Michael Waldron might be one of the most important people at Marvel Studios that you haven’t heard about, and it seems that Disney is planning to keep him around. The writer has reportedly inked a rare screenwriting/producing deal with Disney to work on a variety of new projects in the future, including the upcoming Kevin Feige-produced Star Wars film. Additionally, buried in Deadline’s report is the fact that a second season of Loki, for which Waldron is the head writer and executive producer, is planned for Disney+.

Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm clearly have a lot of faith in Waldron to lock him up long-term, a tactic that’s usually only used for directors or production partnerships. The writer/producer cut his chops on Rick & Morty (a current favorite of Marvel for discovering new writers) and was then tapped to lead Loki and write the screenplay for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Clearly, the studio sees a future with him, and we might be seeing a sort of right-hand man to Feige being groomed here.

As for the Star Wars film itself, there are still very few details to go on. Disney didn’t mention it at all on its big investors call where it dropped information about a host of Star Wars content, including the return of Hayden Christensen and Patty Jenkins directing Rogue Squadron. That is probably because there isn’t much to say. Waldron most likely hasn’t even started on the screenplay and the film isn’t actually officially confirmed, though it is almost certainly happening.

Loki season 2, meanwhile, comes as a bit of a surprise. The report states that part of Waldron’s new deal would include returning “in some capacity” for season 2. While Disney has been tight-lipped on just how long the MCU Disney+ shows would run for, many assumed that they were more like mini-series than ongoing shows. This may still be the case as series like the upcoming WandaVision seem like they would stand on their own, but maybe some of the other shows will be more ongoing. Plus, no one is going to complain about more Tom Hiddleston in one of the MCU’s best roles.

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