London Opens Bus Stop Made Entirely of LEGO


A fully functional bus stop has been built on London’s Regent Street using more than 100,000 LEGO brick’s.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you find yourself looking at the world and thinking “lord do I wish this was all made of LEGO?” Of course you have, because as countless past occasions have proven, everything is better when built with LEGO. Case in point, the city of London has recently opened a new bus stop made up almost entirely of LEGO bricks.

The stop, which was built in front of Hamley’s toy store on London’s Regent Street, was constructed by the street furniture company Trueform. Not skimping on any detail, the company used more than 100,000 LEGO bricks to ensure that it was built accurately and to the specifications of Transport for London, which manages most of the city’s transit systems. This included clear LEGO bricks to replace the glass, bricks for the seating and even LEGO route signs. The only thing not made of LEGO were more complex maps which were applied after the fact with a spray on adhesive.

The bus stop was constructed as part of an effort to celebrate 200 years of London bus services, and is currently serving as a fully functional bus stop. Unfortunately, it’s already been confirmed that the unique stop is only going to be temporary, meaning that die hard LEGO fans may want to catch a bus to London at some point in the near future, or risk missing out on one of the niftiest builds in the world.

Source: Gizmodo

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