A Star Wars blooper reel that hasn’t been seen in 36 years demonstrates that it’s not easy running around in stormtrooper armor.

Back in July a short video of outtakes from Star Wars – the original, the one you kids call A New Hope – was shown for the first time to a small audience at Comic-Con. It was discovered by editor J.W. Rinzler, who had been digging through Lucasfilm archives for a “making of” video, and while members of the Comic-Con audience were asked not to make any recordings, the brief blooper reel has now made its way to YouTube.

It’s a quick clip, about 2.5 minutes, and not nearly as profane as I generally prefer my bloopers to be, but watching C3PO slowly tumble sideways after laboriously cresting a sand dune is great, and the “Oh my God, my finger!” bit is good for a laugh. But the highlight has to be the stormtrooper hole, which if nothing else is an object lesson in why real soldiers don’t wear full suits of hard-plated armor.

It’s also kind of fun to note, as the sharp-eyed Paul Goodman did, that the title on the clapper is The Star Wars, the original name of the film. Be aware that there’s no audio for the first few clips, which is a loss – that lead rebel soldier looks like he’s got a few choice words for the guy behind him. Enjoy!

Source: Mashable

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