H.P. Lovecraft’s pastiche of Dr. Frankenstein is being re-re-animated in Carrion Re-Animating a little platform based game by Zombie Cow.

Made in under a month by Lemmy and Bicky, the game tells the story of the hapless Dr. Herbert West, the inventor of a special serum that can literally bring the dead back to life. There are a few side effects, of course, like the re-animated corpses turning into violent blood-thirsty zombies, but hey! You can’t make an omelet without brutally mauling some dead chicken babies.

Problems arise when the still living relatives of the corpses arrive at his house, curious to see where their loved one has gone. What to do? Why, re-animate them, of course. Once the relatives see their deceased, they will be happy and leave. Surely nothing could go wrong with such a simple plan!

The game is a strange crossbreed between a platformer and a puzzle, with each relative leaving after you’ve kicked the corpse to them. This does leave the bloodthirsty corpse still wandering about the house and if they meet someone they don’t know,well, it’s only one more corpse. One more corpse that has its own loved ones, and may have informed the police…you get the idea.

The whole game plays in grainy black and white, reminiscent of the 1920’s where the story was originally set; and whilst short, has an online score board where you can see how long you kept the rozzers from your door.

Check out the trailer, or just go ahead and download it.

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