Up to four players can bust ghosts together in the sequel to Luigi’s Mansion.

With Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon only a month away, Nintendo has shed some light on the 3DS title’s gameplay modes. Calling it “a series first,” the publisher has announced that Dark Moon will have local and online multiplayer modes, though the accompanying press release and trailer only detail one of these modes. In Hunter Mode, up to four players can team up to clear the haunted ScareScraper, which is “jam-packed with paranormal creatures.”

The video shows of the series’ trademark flashlight-shining, vacuum-wielding gameplay, only now you don’t have to go it alone. The four Luigis must work together to hunt down ghosts in the ScareScraper, clearing the building floor by floor against a ticking clock. Adjustable difficulty and number of floors allow players to scale the gameplay to their level of experience.

It’s been over a decade since Luigi’s Mansion launched alongside the GameCube, and even though Luigi never got as much recognition as his brother, the game has become a cult classic in that time. Though it’s not quite the same, Nintendo Land‘s multiplayer take on Luigi’s Mansion is pretty fun, so hopefully Nintendo can repeat that success with Dark Moon. The sequel will be available for the 3DS on March 24.

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